Elevate Your Brand with Custom Branded Workwear and Merchandise Suppliers

Whether you’re a small startup or a well-established company, having personalized uniforms and promotional items can make a significant impact on your brand visibility, employee morale, and customer engagement.

Professional Image and Brand Consistency

First impressions matter, and custom branded workwear plays a pivotal role in creating a professional image for your business. When your team wears uniforms with your logo and brand colors, it not only reinforces brand consistency but also presents a unified and polished appearance to clients and customers. This consistency across your workforce fosters a sense of trust and reliability, enhancing your brand’s reputation.


Choosing the Right Supplier

Selecting the right custom branded workwear and merchandise supplier is a critical step in ensuring the success of your branding efforts. Consider the following factors when choosing a supplier:


Quality and Durability:

Ensure that the supplier provides high-quality materials for both workwear and merchandise. And here at Custom Branded Workwear and Merchandise, durability is crucial for items that will be worn or used regularly.

Reliability and Timely Delivery:

Choose a supplier with a proven track record of reliability. Timely delivery is essential, especially if you have specific events or campaigns planned.

Customization Options:

Look for a supplier that offers a wide range of customization options. The ability to choose colors, designs, and additional features allows you to create unique and eye-catching items.


While quality is crucial, also consider the overall cost. Look for suppliers that offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of their products.

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Custom Branded Workwear & Merchandise List of the best Suppliers

Our collaboration with best-in-class suppliers, such as JB’s Wear, Biz Collection, Syzmik, and Bisley, to name a few, underscores our dedication to providing only the finest workwear solutions. These industry leaders, with their rich legacy and unparalleled expertise, have set the gold standard in workwear, be it in terms of innovative fabric technologies, design aesthetics, or durability. By partnering with such esteemed suppliers, we ensure that our offerings are not just products but a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Every piece of attire, from corporate uniforms to casual wear, is meticulously crafted using high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and comfort. Our discerning clientele recognizes and values this commitment, trusting us to equip them with workwear that stands the test of time, while also making a statement. At Custom Branded Workwear & Merchandise, we don’t just dress you for the job; we equip you with a promise of quality, style, and functionality.

JB's Wear Custom
Branded Workwear

JB’s Wear provides industry-leading custom branded workwear that meets and exceeds all Australian standards. They also offer corporate attire, hospitality uniforms, clothing for schools, sporting clubs, and a range of casual wear.

AS Colour Custom Branded Workwear

AS Colour designs and manufactures quality basics for the wholesale and retail market, including custom branded workwear. With a focus on timeless style and premium materials, AS Colour is dedicated to providing versatile wardrobe essentials that stand the test of time.

Syzmik Custom Branded Workwear

Syzmik offers a range of workwear developed to meet the needs of hardworking individuals across various industries. Their custom branded workwear uses innovative fabric technologies.

Bisley Custom Branded Workwear

Bisley combines quality with value for money, delivering the latest in innovative technologies for custom branded workwear, protective wear, safety wear, casual wear, and business wear for both men and women.

Logo Line Custom Branded Workwear

Logo Line is a supplier of promotional products and offers quality branded merchandise for marketing campaigns. Their custom branded workwear range includes cutting-edge decoration.

James Harvest Custom Branded Workwear

The James Harvest Sportswear Collection, inspired by American Collegiate fashion, epitomizes quality, style, and functionality in custom branded workwear.

Legend Life Custom Branded Workwear

Legend's house of brands includes Great Southern Clothing Company, Hanes, and Stormtech, all offering custom branded workwear options, catering to a wide array of customisation needs and preferences.

Stormtech Australia Custom Branded Workwear

Originating from the rugged west coast rainforests of British Columbia, Canada, STORMTECH's custom branded workwear designs are inspired by the rain, snow, and sun, ensuring functionality and style in every garment.

Promo Brands Custom Branded Workwear

Promo Brands is a creative business specializing in branded merchandise innovation. They develop unique custom branded workwear products and upgrade industry favorites through packaging and decoration methods.

Entity Brands Custom Branded Workwear

Entity Brands provides the Australian markets with access to leading uniform brands, all offering custom branded workwear options, including Port Authority, Port & Company, SportTek, District, Red House, CornerStone, and Nike Golf.

Identitee Custom
Branded Workwear

Identitee focuses on innovation, bringing the best look for your brand with custom branded workwear. Every shirt they create emphasizes cut, fabric, and meticulous design details tailored to elevate your brand's image.

Aussie Pacific Custom Branded Workwear

Aussie Pacific stands out for its commitment to delivering exceptional quality and affordability, ensuring that businesses can outfit their teams with durable and stylish apparel suitable for both the workplace and leisure activities.

Gear For Life Custom Branded Workwear

Gear For Life has a great range of classy corporate and sports polo shirts, all available as custom branded workwear to showcase their brand identity while maintaining a sophisticated and professional appearance.

Be Seen Clothing Custom Branded Workwear

BeSeen, an Australian Owned company, is committed to quality and service in manufacturing, importing, and distributing a wide range of products, including custom branded workwear.

Stencil Custom
Branded Workwear

Stencil is renowned for their high-quality fabrics such as Cool-Dry, liquid-repelling Nano-Gear, and lightweight Solar-Lite, all available for custom branded workwear.

Got questions? We have you covered

Before we begin any branding work for you, our design team will send you draft proofs that suits your needs and provide you with a final product that you can be proud of. We’ll check to ensure the design looks great on your chosen garment order, plus you’ll be sent an official artwork proof for review and feedback. Once everything is to your satisfaction, simply sign off in writing and return the approval to us before any branding takes place.

When requesting a quote from us, simply let us know the destination of your customised clothing order, and we’ll include the freight cost in the price. We work with a number of different couriers, and our freight broker will ensure you receive the best possible rate.

In most cases, you can use your own courier if desired. However, depending on the product and its requirements, there may be specific couriers better suited for the job. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about this.

Delivery time will depend on the product you have ordered and your exact location. For those located in major Australian eastern seaboard cities, most orders should arrive 1 to 3 days after dispatch. Make your staff look great and make their work day easier with our selection of branded apparel. Add logos to headwear, hi-vis jackets, and t-shirts; designed to be a perfect fit for any uniform.

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